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Kassida & Haroon Co. will join on Biuldex exhibition from 12 to 15 of March 2010 . we invite you to visit our Unique suite to see our new products .
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The Company in Brief


                               Since 1994 Kassida & Haroon Company designs and  manufactures                                                                                                                           

                                  high quality multi – purpose chairs be it for use in theatres, auditoriums,    

                                  cultural centers, and conference rooms that are compatible with world and Syrian standards.

                                 The company produces a wide variety of high-quality chairs in different shapes in the industrial

                                  area in order to meet the requirements of the Syrian, local, Arab and World markets.

                                  It opened up new horizons to increase production and look for markets for export in Arab and

                                  World countries. The staff on the company consists of professional directors , engineers 

                                  and technicians who conduct the desired studies , make the designs , are responsible for exact

                                   execution and draw computer-aided charts .

                                   The company may produce models of chairs which both meet the demand of the market that are

                                  compatible with the known standards and those the customer may choose as we design and

                                  make all desired shapes of chairs .

                                 The company takes responsibility for the study, design and execution of all the needs related to auditoriums

                                 theaters, cultural centers and conference rooms (as building, decoration, audio equipment, display screens

                                and projectors among others) by experienced and professional team of engineers and technicians. We add

                                 that the company has successfully executed many projects in the country (Cut-and-dried delivery)

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